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Unfortunately, not all threats to an organization’s cybersecurity come from outside the digital infrastructure. Insider Threat programs are a necessary part of any effective risk management effort. At TealSpace we offer assessment and guidance to help your organization plan, implement and continuously strengthen an Insider Threat program. Our approach builds on established HR and IT policies and best practices to shape a vigilant and engaged workforce.

Insider Threat Program Management

Regardless of where you are with your Insider Threat Program (InTP) Management, TealSpace can help.   We can assist in establishing, managing and optimizing your InTP framework.  If you have experienced an insider incident, we offer guidance to improve your governance model, policies, and procedures.  Our consultants work cross functionally and diplomatically to help repair the situation.  We ensure there is a way forward to detect and resolve potential insider threats while protecting the civil liberties and privacy of employees.

Awareness & Training (AT)

TealSpace will customize increased awareness efforts and training, either large scale or one-on-one, to empower employees with ways they can protect data and themselves from insider threats.  Whether your organization needs basic understanding of things such as phishing attacks, or specialized training for cleared employees, our goal is to increase your organization’s capacity to recognize and report suspicious activities will increase.

Mitigation & Incident Response

TealSpace can help restore trust after an inside cyber-breach.  We conduct a deep dive into your Insider Incident Response Plan, assessing policies, procedures, timelines, technology and criteria thresholds. We help to define appropriate response actions, scope, and authority of your InTP team and we will review and improve your continuous employee monitoring procedures.  Our experts are skilled and experienced in threat detection, data exfiltration assessments, dark web monitoring and surveillance counter measures, doing difficult tasks to help you restore your confidence in your organization.

Risk Assessment Services

TealSpace provides comprehensive and confidential risk assessment services that crosses infrastructure, processes, people, and technology. We identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your organization’s security function. Our Risk Assessment Model (RAM) includes the impact of a Trusted Insider on the overall security and resiliency of your systems. TealSpace clients have found our independent and unbiased assessments provide valuable, informative, and actionable items for decision makers, and offer benefits across organizational functions. Our methodology has been published by National Institute of Standards and Technology: NIST in SP 1800-1.

Let’s get to work!

Our customers see ROI in the following areas by improving their insider threat mitigation programs.


Secure Service


Cybersecurity Projects

  • Early identification and reduced time to detect threats

  • Increasing the number of security minded employees

  • Lessening the time to mitigate and resolve an incident

  • Fostering a culture of share responsibility for critical assets

  • Protecting organizational reputation and brand

  • Reducing annual costs of incidents

Contact us to get a complimentary Assessment

We will provide a complimentary assessment to determine how your organization compares in our maturity framework. TealSpace will also provide recommendations regarding next steps in the risk management of counterproductive workforce behaviors and potential insider threats.

Our industrial psychologists and cyber researchers understand the common causes as to why employees may act in a deviant manner and become an inside threat to your organization. Relevant indicators, such as perceived inequity, toxic leadership, revenge for being treated unfairly, financial hardships or not feeling their skills are being effectively utilized, are highly personal and can present a delicate situation to be navigated with care. The TealSpace team has the professional requirements and personal abilities needed to achieve positive and productive results.

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The success of any business endeavor is measured, not just in financial success, but customer satisfaction.  We are customer focused At TealSpace by the very nature of what we do.  Did we find the right person for your team at the right time? Has employee engagement improved because TealSpace was there?  Has your organizational culture strengthened with our help?  We strive always to deliver on defined outcomes and exceed customer expectations.  Here are a few things our clients have to say: