About Us

Who we Are

As organizations and workspaces evolve, so too must organizational designs, management practices and leadership approaches. Our founders realized traditional ways of operating may be less effective in a digital, mobile, and fast-changing world.

We are a collaboration of leading organizational development professionals with experience in Human Resources, Industrial Psychology and Cybersecurity.  Our focus is to design and implement tailored solutions to complex organizational challenges and obstacles.  We use science and technology in talent management and incorporate human factors in cybersecurity design and operations to help your organization’s leadership create a culture of trust and foster a team committed to shared success.



What we Believe

At TealSpace we share the core values for which we advocate. We strive for excellence and are dedicated to our clients’ successes.

Be humble. Follow your moral compass, Put the customer first. Be a force for good.
Be resilient in adversity. Continuously learn. Use your strengths. Act with purpose.
Be true to yourself. Trust your intuition. Listen fully. Manage yourself with integrity.

Our Team

Meet The Experts

Every client is unique and each organization’s challenges are exclusive. At TealSpace we will bring the best and brightest to deliver efficient and sustainable results for your organization

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Contact us for your next speaking event.  Our experts can provide new insights into today’s dynamic, global economy.

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