Human Factors

High End Technology Helps You Remain Vigilant

Traditional HR data is used to support hiring decision, plan career paths, document top performers and calculate wages and salaries. There is less focus on Counterproductive Workforce Behavior (CWB). These behaviors, such as declining engagement and poor performance may be the warning signs of potential risk. At TealSpace we can guide you in ways to analyze this data in conjunction with cyber User Activity Monitoring (UAM) to detect potential insider threats thus avoiding difficult, and possibly harmful, episodes.

Turning Indicators into Insights

Our products and services can improve a leader’s employee evaluation capabilities and aid in creating a culture of trust and mutual success within your organization.

User Behavior Analytics

In a perfect world, it all begins with a successful hire. The TealSpace team of industrial psychologists develop and deploy customized assessment tools to identify people who are the right behavioral fit for your company and who have the required competencies to excel. Our approach not only identifies star performers but can help to determine if a candidate is not the right culture fit or poses a risk of doing the wrong thing in a secure work environment. Our specialized professionals can navigate psychometric data finding early indications of employees who may be on a critical pathway to becoming bad actors.

Continuous Evaluation

Social, physical and behavioral changes are often first observed by colleagues and line mangers. Our surveying and feedback platform allows for concerned coworkers to report on policy and security violations or provide feedback when someone isn’t quite acting like themselves. Leaderships sets the frequency of how often to pulse the organization to collect valuable feedback while providing users the ability to provide early detection reporting

Link Analysis

An employee’s performance attitude and engagement towards their company can change overtime. We help to collect, map, and align employee cyber patterns, performance management, social, biographical and physical indicators to create a 360-risk profile. We use Advanced Link Analysis, Data Visualization, Social Network Analysis (SNA), and Geospatial Mapping software to identify new connections, patterns, and relationships to the data serves as an early indicator of a potential problem.  Too often by the time a cybersecurity team detects anomalous behaviors on the network, the threat is already underway. We bridge the gap between HR and IT professionals by helping to collect and contextualize large volumes of data to help make informed employee decisions.

Personnel Security

TealSpace provides a systematic approach to improve your hiring, screening, on-going evaluation, and documenting work history for employees with access to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), sensitive materials and assets. We enhance traditional background-criminal -credit checks and National Agency Check with Law and Credit (NACLC) investigations using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and additional proprietary behavior analytical tools.  Our specialists scan Publicly Available Information (PAI) as well as the dark web to uncover security threats, protect executives, monitor conversations, prevent IP/data loss and gauge brand sentiment.  The raw data is aggregated, analyzed, and contextualized to provide thorough intelligence reporting.

Step 1


No clear ownership of social-technical indicators to identify employee’s at risk

Step 2


Cyber UAM, biographic data, personality traits, physcial and social behavioral indicators.

Step 3


Identification of anomalous and counter productive work behaviors

Step 4


Insights shared to help insiders exit the critical pathway and retain key employees

Contact us to get a complimentary Assessment

We will provide a complimentary assessment to determine how your organization compares in our maturity framework. TealSpace will also provide recommendations regarding next steps in the risk management of counterproductive workforce behaviors and potential insider threats.

Our industrial psychologists and cyber researchers understand the common causes as to why employees may act in a deviant manner and become an inside threat to your organization. Relevant indicators, such as perceived inequity, toxic leadership, revenge for being treated unfairly, financial hardships or not feeling their skills are being effectively utilized, are highly personal and can present a delicate situation to be navigated with care. The TealSpace team has the professional requirements and personal abilities needed to achieve positive and productive results.

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