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Developed, Improved & New Skills

Successful organizations continually assess and define how they collaborate, work, and telecommute in a rapidly changing world. This requires not only training but a shift in perspective. How does an individual prefer to learn? Can changes in behavior be sustained? Is improved performance the likely outcome and to what degree? The TealSpace approach to learning and development utilizes assessments and 360 reviews to understand the individual’s highest potential and broadest aptitude to learn new skill sets.

Professional & Development Solutions

Our customized Learning and Development Programs begin by aligning your talent strategy with your company’s mission, goals and objectives. From there we help you to identify the new skills and capabilities needed by the organization. We work with you to design and create a plan to implement talent development and learning opportunities. Programs that are experiential, personalized, and scalable for both the individual and your organization. Below are some of our core offerings. We are happy to help you begin with a training needs analysis.

Virtual Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) Exam Training

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In-Person Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) Exam Training

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Group Hosted Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) Exam Training

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It may be time to rethink the ways sales should be done from the customer’s perspective. Often this leads to new success profiles and sales methodologies. These steps lead to assessments and identifications of the capabilities and skill gaps for both individual team members and at the collective team level.
To lose a high potential employee to another organization often translates to multiple missed opportunities for your organization and the individual. At TealSpace we can help you develop the high performers you know you have and the ones you may not have yet recognized. The process includes identifying leadership competencies needed today and tomorrow, which sets the stage for how we design your high potential program. We offer a portfolio of accelerator classes and coaching services to develop your emerging leaders.
Designed for senior executives TealSpace supports leaders as they envision new possibilities for their businesses. We facilitate a greater understanding of what really matters and why. This unique service serves leaders with deeper understandings of ownership and guides them in improving structures, aligning teams, streamlining decision making and shaping a culture where things done through shared successes.

Contact us to get a complimentary Assessment

We will provide a complimentary assessment to determine how your organization compares in our maturity framework. TealSpace will also provide recommendations regarding next steps in the risk management of counterproductive workforce behaviors and potential insider threats.

Our industrial psychologists and cyber researchers understand the common causes as to why employees may act in a deviant manner and become an inside threat to your organization. Relevant indicators, such as perceived inequity, toxic leadership, revenge for being treated unfairly, financial hardships or not feeling their skills are being effectively utilized, are highly personal and can present a delicate situation to be navigated with care. The TealSpace team has the professional requirements and personal abilities needed to achieve positive and productive results.

Are you Ready for CMMC?

By January 1, 2026 all Department of Defense (DoD) Primes and Subcontractors accessing, storing or storing Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) or Federal Contract Information (FCI) will be required to meet specific cybersecurity standards during contract acquisition as outlined in the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) framework. The CMMC program provides cyber protection standards for more than 300,000 companies in the Defense Industrial Base supply chain to meet evolving cyber threats and to safeguard the information that supports and enables our national defense.

CMMC Training – Coming Soon

With the enhanced CMMC 2.0 framework being finalized, we are looking forward to providing CMMC training for Professionals and Assessor as a Licensed Training Providers. Graduates of our virtual, in class or hybrid training programs will be eligible to sit for certification exams to receive their CMMC credentials.

Certified CMMC Professional (CCP)

A CCP is a person seeking to become responsible for the assessment, examination, verification, and review of an organization for compliance to a respective Level 1 of CMMC standards. This certification is foundational for anyone who will be performing any level of CMMC assessment. A Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) can be part of an assessment team under the supervision of a Certified CMMC Assessor. Upon completion of this course, the participant will be proficient in the CMMC Model and the expectations of the DoD for vendors to identify threats to cybersecurity and privacy within an IT ecosystem and to implement appropriate countermeasures.

Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA)

A CCP is eligible to become CMMC Certified Assessor (CCA) and participate up to CMMC Level 2 assessments. CCA is a valuable credential reflecting the training to understand the CMMC requirements for:

  • Identifying Access Controls (AC)
  • Implementing Identification and Authentication Controls (IA)
  • Developing Media Protection Controls (MP)
  • Executing Physical Protection Controls (PP)
  • Identifying System and Communications Protection Controls (SC)
  • Applying System and Information Integrity Controls (SI)

Further information is anticipated from the Cyber AB.